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Finding Sixth Division Marines » Carmi David Long » Yesterday 7:13 pm

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Dear Forum,

My name is Adam Gordon, and my grandfather was Carmi David Long (known as David).  He unfortunately passed away in 2011, but he remains a great inspiration in my life and the lives of his other grandchildren.

He did not like speaking about his military career, but I have inherited two items that are deeply meaningful to me - his Purple Heart and a samurai sword that was surrendered to him by a Japanese officer.

I was wondering if you might have advice on the best way to go about learning more about his military service.  I was also hoping that there might be some pictures of him during his service in the Sixth Division (I have a picture of him when he enrolled in the Naval Academy).  

The information I have from a letter he wrote is that he was in the 6th Marine Division, 4th Battalion, 3rd Regiment, "L" Company.  I believe that he held the rank of Captain at the time.

Thank you very much in advance for your assistance.

Adam Gordon

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