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Finding Sixth Division Marines » Looking for information on Leonard B Turner » Yesterday 8:03 pm

It sounds like he was in the 4th Regiment if he continued with Col. Shapely through the restart of the 4th, and then with Japan occupation (the other 6th Division regiments, 22nd & 29th Regiments, went to China). I saw your other post about H company, but the 4th Regiment didn't have an H company within its battalions. However, as you mentioned above, it did have a weapons company as well as a H&S company (both were under Headquarters).
Does your dad  remember any other officers? Possibly higher ranking? The reason I ask is that there's a list of unit commanders in the back of "Okinawa: Victory in the Pacific", but I don't see William Stewart, and most of those listed are Captain or above. 

Finding Sixth Division Marines » Looking for info on H company » Yesterday 7:21 pm

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Thank you Mr McGowan. His name is Leonard B Turner.  He was a Carlson's Raider who went onto Bougainville, Quam, Okinawa, and Japan. I will send details in private post.

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