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10/05/2016 10:19 am  #1

Donald L. Balow (my grandfather)

Hello, great site.  I am Mike Balow, USNA '94, and my grandfather was a 6th MarDiv Marine who served on Okinawa.  Just wondering if perhaps there are others that may remember serving with him.  I can be reached at 


10/08/2016 10:15 pm  #2

Re: Donald L. Balow (my grandfather)

I am looking for anybody that might have known Robert Sproul, an Engineer in the 6th MarDiv during WWII.  He was from Delaware.  He didn't finish his senior high school year but went into the Marines.  Later they granted him his High School Diploma. 
Also, Hi Mike--Hoping somebody remembers your Grandfather.  I had an Uncle in the Army Airborne(11th) that was part of the invasion of Okinawa.  I had another Uncle serving aboard the USS North Carolina that was supporting the invasion.  The third brother, my father, was a 5th Army infantryman in Europe.
    I hope your Grandfather left you some mementoes of his service with the Marines which are precious, now, as was his service. 
   I was a Marine '68-70


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