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1/17/2017 4:57 pm  #1

Charles (Chuck) Tierney, Company G (&K), 3 Bn, 29 Regt

I'm the daughter of Charles (Chuck) Tierney, who was in Company G, 3rd Battalion, 29th Regiment.
He arrived at Camp Lejeune in July 1944 from his home in Detroit, Michigan.
He left Camp Lejeune on the S.S. Sea Bass on December 27th 1944.
He was in Company G in Okinawa.  He was wounded in battle on May 14th, 1945 and received the Purple Heart.
He later was in Company K in the Occupation of China in August 1945.
He was discharged August 1946.  He passed in1979.
I woukld LOVE to hear from anyone who knew him, or even others who had relatives/stories/information about that Company/Battalion/Regiment.
Mary Beth Tierney


1/20/2017 9:16 pm  #2

Re: Charles (Chuck) Tierney, Company G (&K), 3 Bn, 29 Regt

Jim White was in G-3-29 and he's still alive and kicking (as far as I know).  You can find his essay "On the Point of the Spear" under the "Stories" tab.  If you'd like I can give him a call and see if he remembers your father.



1/24/2017 12:05 pm  #3

Re: Charles (Chuck) Tierney, Company G (&K), 3 Bn, 29 Regt

Hi Bob:  I am so excited to see your response and learn about Jim!  I read Jim's On the Point of the Spear story - such a valuable resource for me.  Jim and my Dad seem like they had the same war story, except my Dad was wounded a few days earlier.  Yes, please connect us.  I would love to be able to chat with Jim, too.  I can send Jim a picture of my Dad, which might help.  THANK YOU!

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3/11/2017 1:25 pm  #4

Re: Charles (Chuck) Tierney, Company G (&K), 3 Bn, 29 Regt

marinedaughter,  I just saw your post.  My father was also in G Company, 3rd Battalion, 29th Marines.  He was wounded 2 days after your father on Half Moon Hill.  My father passed away two years ago.  But I was fortunate to spend a lot of time with him and attended the annual reunions where I learned a lot about his time on Okinawa.  As Bob stated above, Jim White  is still alive and can tell you a lot about the Company.  My Father was a BAR, and Mr. White was part of his fire team.  Mr. White was with my father when he was shot.  They remained friends for more than 70 years.  I, myself, keep in touch with Mr. White.  He is a good man.  Best wishes!


3/26/2017 2:28 pm  #5

Re: Charles (Chuck) Tierney, Company G (&K), 3 Bn, 29 Regt

marinedaughter, you should consider attending our annual reunion, which will be August 15-20 in Phoenix. You could meet other lineal descendants with and without their Marine fathers.  I think you'd really enjoy it.  You can find all the details on the Sixth Marine Division website under 6th Div Assn, then Reunions.


3/26/2017 6:06 pm  #6

Re: Charles (Chuck) Tierney, Company G (&K), 3 Bn, 29 Regt

Thanks, Admin.  Yes, I do hope to join you in Phoenix.  I recently joined the Association, and am looking forward to meeting you all in person.  

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