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2/17/2017 11:06 am  #1

Military Pin Related to 6th Marine Division?

Hello All,

My father was in HQ Company, 2nd Battalion, 29th Regiment.  I found a pin in some of his things.  It looks like a representation of a campaign or similar ribbon but it doesn't match any of the ribbons of his I have nor have I been able to find it online.  Does anyone have any ideas?

It may be related to his father's service with the Army's 90th Division in WWI or something to do with a reunion or it may be completely unrelated.  Any help is much appreciated.

I am unable to post a link as this is my first post but please check out

Erich Heard
Houston, TX


6/18/2017 3:31 pm  #2

Re: Military Pin Related to 6th Marine Division?

I just found my father's too.

Brion F. Goldfinch; Ph.D.


7/09/2017 3:20 pm  #3

Re: Military Pin Related to 6th Marine Division?

Can anyone tell me about the 6th service battalion, 6th Marine Division, or where I can find details and information on this support unit?
This is my first experience with an Internet forum.
Many thanks,
Jeff Altenburg

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7/20/2017 7:49 pm  #4

Re: Military Pin Related to 6th Marine Division?

All I can give you is what I found on p.292 of "Okinawa: Victory in the Pacific" (USMC 1955 book), where it lists the commanding officers during the battle: 
CO -- Lt. Col. George B. Bell (until April 25)
          Lt. Col. Alexander N. Entringer (after April 25)
ExO -- (not shown)
S-3 -- 1st Lt William F. Ragan (until May 9)
          Capt Charles A. Harper Jr. (after May 12)
HqCo --  2nd Lt Warren Lee (until April 26)
               Capt Ira E. Hamer (After April 26)
OrdCo -- Capt Oscar C. Miller
S&S Co -- Capt William L. Batchelor

So it looks like it was comprised of at least 3 companies. 

The book is an excellent source, and likely has more information on the 6th service battalion, but unfortunately does not have an exhaustive index (although it isn't bad either). I would also recommend the division history ("History of the Sixth Marine Division", 1948). 

Hope that gets you started!



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