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4/26/2017 8:15 am  #1

Cpl. James LaCook 29th reg. D company

I am looking for information on my great uncle, Cpl. James LaCook, 6th marine division, 29th reg.. We believe he was in D company.  He was KIA on 06/08/1943 on Okinawa. 

According to letter from Capt. Howard Mable, at dusk on 06/08, he was hit by enemy fire. A Lt. Petterson attempted to render aid and was hit as well.  Both died instantly. 

If anyone knew of him, we would appreciate any memories someone might have. We believe it is of utmost importance that those who served are remembered and information passed down.

Thank you to those who served, and to their families.  You are appreciated.

Chris Patterson


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