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4/27/2017 12:06 pm  #1

Pfc. Charles K. Perry

We are looking for information about our cousin, Pfc. Charles Keith Perry, 22 Marines, who was killed on Okinawa on 9 May 1945, one day shy of his 19th birthday. If you have any information about him, or know where I could find information, especially a service photo, our family would be very thankful.

John Stahler



7/01/2017 12:26 am  #2

Re: Pfc. Charles K. Perry

CKPerry,  22nd Marines, already with some island invasion experience,  were attached to 6th Marine Division which was formed exclusively to make the invasion of Okinawa.  Your cousin made the toughest invasion.  Okinawa was the closest island to the main Japan islands.  Casualties on Okinawa were worse than Iwo Jima.  Not that the statistics even matter, we were losing Marines hard and especially into Okinawa.  This young Marine, probably left high school to get into the Marines, not to miss what was the profound indication of his life and country at the time, WWII . I have just finished researching a WWII 6th Division Marine , Corporal Robert G. Sproul, and submitted a sixty page book of pictures and text to allow his grandchildren to know something about his WWII Marine Corps service. 
Garent Gunther, USMC 68-70

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7/20/2017 8:49 pm  #3

Re: Pfc. Charles K. Perry


The 6th Division history lists your cousin on the "honor roll" of KIA. It lists him as part of Fox Company,(2nd Battalion), 22nd Regiment. On May 9-10, 1945, the 22nd Marines were trying to cross the Asa Kawa (a river north of the city of Naha) under fierce resistance and heavy artillery fire. This was the initial crossing (after the recon elements) was made by the 2nd & 3rd battalions of the 22nd Marines. The river crossing was made over the night of May 9-10, under heavy fire, so it's possible that he was killed in earlier action that day, or overnight. The main attack was at daybreak. 

Asa Kawa can arguably be regarded as the first heavy fighting that the 6th Division faced on Okinawa. It was part of the Shuri defense line for the Japanese. 

I would recommend the official "History of the Sixth Marine Division" book for more information, as well as "Okinawa: Victory in the Pacific". The first book was originally published in 1948, and the second was published in 1955. 

You can request his official records (they won't have a picture though) from the government archives:  Perhaps also look into newspaper archives from his hometown. Sometimes local papers would write of those joining the war effort, and perhaps there would be a photo. Might be a longshot, but worth a try. 

FYI, my grandfather was also in Fox Company, but landed on Okinawa about 2 weeks after your cousin was killed.

Hope this was helpful.



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