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9/18/2017 7:13 pm  #1

Carmi David Long

Dear Forum,

My name is Adam Gordon, and my grandfather was Carmi David Long (known as David).  He unfortunately passed away in 2011, but he remains a great inspiration in my life and the lives of his other grandchildren.

He did not like speaking about his military career, but I have inherited two items that are deeply meaningful to me - his Purple Heart and a samurai sword that was surrendered to him by a Japanese officer.

I was wondering if you might have advice on the best way to go about learning more about his military service.  I was also hoping that there might be some pictures of him during his service in the Sixth Division (I have a picture of him when he enrolled in the Naval Academy).  

The information I have from a letter he wrote is that he was in the 6th Marine Division, 4th Battalion, 3rd Regiment, "L" Company.  I believe that he held the rank of Captain at the time.

Thank you very much in advance for your assistance.

Adam Gordon

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9/23/2017 8:36 pm  #2

Re: Carmi David Long

Mr. Gordon,
     I suggest you contact the 6th Division webmaster, Carroll McGowan(email is listed on website).  She will direct you to the 6th Division historian.  He may get you started with some records information.  Also, somebody may recognize the name(not many of our Pacific Marines left these days)and offer some information.  I commend you for researching your Grandfather's military history.  He probably fought in the invasion of Okinawa.  Any other paperwork, articles, mementoes you have can give clues, mostly as to where to look for more information.  These stories of our Marine Corps veteran relatives are most precious.
Garent Gunther, USMC 68-70

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10/07/2017 8:24 pm  #3

Re: Carmi David Long

Hello Adam,

I would suggest starting with trying to get your hands on a copy (original or reprint) of the History of the 6th Marine Division book. It's a green hardcover book with the division logo on the front. It originally came out shortly after the war, and gives a basic overview of a lot of the action the division went through. I wouldn't let it be the end all-be all of your research, but it would give you some solid information. There's a couple other good books on Okinawa as well that would probably help flesh out some more details. As you know what unit he was in down to the company, that will help you immensely to see what actions he was likely involved in or where he was at various points along the way.

I would also try to see if you can find a record of his purple heart citation. It might be listed in the national archives. I'm out of town at the moment, but when I get home, I'll try to look up in my green book and see if he's listed with a date at the end of the book. This will also help you trace that story. 

On a minor note, but one that will aid in your research: in your above post, I believe "regiment" and "battalion" should be switched, as there was a 4th Regiment in the division, but not a 3rd. Regiment is larger than battalion, so this would also help the order he listed. 

Happy researching!


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