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11/06/2017 12:26 pm  #1

Trying to KNOW my Uncle

First question is, from this information can I be sure my Uncle Ray served in the 6th division?Name:Ray Author WallaceCasualty Date:9 May 1945Casualty Type:KIAUnit:COG-2BN-22MAR-6MARDIV FMFService Number:288052Collection:US Marine WWII Casualty Card DatabaseLocation:TAB WALKLEY-WALLACEItem ID:81221


11/07/2017 3:38 pm  #2

Re: Trying to KNOW my Uncle

I have a copy of the History of the Sixth Marine Division. On page 242, in the Honor Roll section of the book which lists all of the KIA's, the name of Ray A. Wallace is listed. It says he was a Private First Class with Company G, 22nd Marines. I hope this helps.


11/08/2017 8:59 pm  #3

Re: Trying to KNOW my Uncle

To add to the above,  yes, from the information given by the casualty card, your uncle was certainly in the 6th Marine Division. A Marine would have first been in a squad; a platoon was made up of several squads; a company was made up of several platoons; a battalion was made up of several companies; a regiment was comprised of several battalions; and the division was made up of several regiments (in the 6th Division there were the 4th, 22nd, and 29th regiments). 

Your uncle was part of Co. G, 2nd Bn, and if he was KIA on May 9, he died at the beginning of the push across the Asa Kawa estuary, north of Naha. The 22nd Regiment led the assault and came under intense artillery fire. See chapter 10 of the official History of the Sixth Marine Division, as well as Chapter 2 of Killing Ground on Okinawa (James Hallas). There is also a mention of a Company G patrol (scouting in preparation of crossing the Asa Kawa) that drew heavy fire on May 9 on p.155 of Okinawa: Victory in the Pacific (produced by the Marine Corps in 1955).
I hope this was helpful. 


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