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12/04/2017 9:26 pm  #1

Milton McLeskey Co H, 3rd Bn, 29th Regiment, 6th Marine

my wife's father Milton McLeskey was wounded in action - GSW lt. leg - 5/14/45 - near Sugar Loaf Hill. His service records give no additional details regarding his service at this time, his comrades, etc. He was in a machine gun crew during his service. If anyone has any information regarding his platoon, company, etc. I would appreciate any shared information very much. Milton was a fairly undisciplined soldier - received several summary court martials for drunkenness, disobedience of orders, etc. but came from a very small South Carolina town and after the war may have suffered from PTSD (at that time not a known diagnosis). His discharge papers list him as in MG crew 604 and AA MG crew 606. I have read Killing Ground on Okinawa - The Battle for Sugar Loaf Hill - twice and am amazed at the sacrifices made by these soldiers


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