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2/08/2018 2:53 pm  #1

Looking for any info on grandfather - "I" company, 3rd battalion, 6th

Byron Lorenzo Austin - PFC (from Mississippi)

Was wounded after only 12 days on Okinawa
"I" company
3rd battalion
29th Regiment
6th Marines

Arrived Okinawa 28 May 45
Wounded 10 June 45

I was able to purchase his USMC file from Golden Arrow Research (who I cannot recommend more HIGHLY - awesome group - especially Geoff)

Went to Tsingtao, China in October 45 - Feb 46

looking for anything - picture, possible accounts, any mentions of him, anything

After really delving off into the Okinawa campaign, I don't know if we can ever repay the heroes we left there.  I'm so humbled by their sacrifice.  I'm finding that when I try and share what I've been learning recently with co-workers, there's nothing I can say that does it justice or explains the magnitude of this island in history.

Joe Austin
Jackson, MS


3/12/2018 6:36 pm  #2

Re: Looking for any info on grandfather - "I" company, 3rd battalion, 6th

I am looking for anyone who remembers my father, combat photographer with 3/4 and WIA 24 May 45: SSGT DAVE PESKIN


3/13/2018 8:25 pm  #3

Re: Looking for any info on grandfather - "I" company, 3rd battalion, 6th


There's a good map of the division's lines on June 7-9 (Map 35 attached to the back cover of the 1955 USMC book "Okinawa: Victory in the Pacific"--> I would highly recommend getting a copy of this book, as well as the 1948 "History of the 6th Marine Division"). This was during the battle on the Oroku Peninsula just south of Naha. They were battling the Japanese "marines" (actually Japanese Navy troops, they didn't have Marines like the US did) holed up on high ground there, and defending an airstrip. So your grandfather was wounded there. There's some mentions of some of the fighting Co. I, 3/29 on p. 221-222 of "Okinawa: Victory in the Pacific". I've found that often they don't have as much detail as I want (because they're division or corps-wide histories), but it's nice to see some mentions. FYI, my grandfather was fighting on the other side of the encirclement of the Japanese on Oroku with the 22nd Regt. 



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