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2/08/2018 2:53 pm  #1

Looking for any info on grandfather - "I" company, 3rd battalion, 6th

Byron Lorenzo Austin - PFC (from Mississippi)

Was wounded after only 12 days on Okinawa
"I" company
3rd battalion
29th Regiment
6th Marines

Arrived Okinawa 28 May 45
Wounded 10 June 45

I was able to purchase his USMC file from Golden Arrow Research (who I cannot recommend more HIGHLY - awesome group - especially Geoff)

Went to Tsingtao, China in October 45 - Feb 46

looking for anything - picture, possible accounts, any mentions of him, anything

After really delving off into the Okinawa campaign, I don't know if we can ever repay the heroes we left there.  I'm so humbled by their sacrifice.  I'm finding that when I try and share what I've been learning recently with co-workers, there's nothing I can say that does it justice or explains the magnitude of this island in history.

Joe Austin
Jackson, MS


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