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3/08/2018 4:37 pm  #11

Re: Research on the 6th Marine Division in Tsingtao

Help! An older neighbor closed down a family restaurant and found her cousins (Kenneth B. Hoblitzell) 6th Marine small archive in the bldg. There are stock Okinawa photo postcards of the battle area, actual photos of the battle area he took, 4 Japanese flags, Japanese maps of Okinawa and Tsingtao and best of all what appear to be original photos of the surrender ceremony at Tsingtao showing the race track/parade grounds, Japanese officers surrendering their swords and the signing with Major General Shepherd. She wants to know what to do with them and if they are worth anything. Hoblitzell has passed and has no direct living relatives. Is this something you guys are willing to advise on?


3/13/2018 8:00 pm  #12

Re: Research on the 6th Marine Division in Tsingtao


Just speaking for myself here, but: 

1) Has she considered offering it to the National Museum of the Marine Corps? Or to a local history society? There's no guarantee that they will be interested, or can take on the responsibility, but it might be a good idea if she wants to help preserve his memory. 

2) Otherwise, yes, I'm sure some of that stuff could be worth money, probably the Japanese flags being worth the most. In that case, I'd get an experienced expert to look at them and appraise before trying to sell them. I'd be interesting in seeing the maps and maybe the original pictures, but I'm sure someone might also want to collect the originals. 

If you want to discuss more, feel free to send me a private message. 


3/26/2018 2:08 pm  #13

Re: Research on the 6th Marine Division in Tsingtao

We really appreciate your input and I will convey your suggestion about the museum angle. That should be her first stop and maybe they can point her in the right direction if they do not need these items. I was amazed when I was trying to get some information on these items just how little information is available on this theater of operations toward the end and after the end of the war. This seems even more so when you try to find out anything about the Japanese side of the war.


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