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1/24/2017 2:19 pm  #1

Donald Allen McConville

Hi, my grandfather and I started working on our family tree and unfortunately we can not find much about his brother's military service. I am looking for any pictures of Donald Allen McConville. I know he was wounded in action during the battle of Okinawa the war and my Grandfather believes he served in the Sixth Marine Division and was at one point awarded the Bronze Star. 


7/29/2017 3:40 pm  #2

Re: Donald Allen McConville

You can always request his military records, which can provide a starting point for finding out more about his service.

Semper Fi!

7/30/2017 8:04 pm  #3

Re: Donald Allen McConville

The History of the Sixth Marine Division lists him on the roll for both a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart. As CplHCL recommended, requesting his military records from the archives is probably the easiest place to start your search. It'll help if you know what unit in the 6th Division he was part of for trying to find pictures too. 


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